Registration of cosmetic products


Cosmetic products – any substance or preparation intended for direct application to the various parts of the human body or on the teeth and the mucous membrane of the mouth with the sole or main purpose of purification, providing a pleasant smell, changing their appearance and / or correcting body odors and / or protect or preserve in good condition.

Based on the positive sanitary hygienic expertise of normative documents (ND) and the necessary studies of cosmetic products conducted in Ukraine, the Conclusion of sanitary hygienic expertise is issued – an official document certifying that the products meet health and safety standards and requirements established on the territory of Ukraine.

Hygienic conclusion is approved by the chief sanitary doctor of Ukraine or the chief sanitary doctor of cities and regions (authorized by the chief sanitary doctor of Ukraine).

After the conclusion is issued, it is listed in the register with assigned appropriate number.

According to the current legislation of Ukraine and to prevent registration of products that have therapeutic properties as expressed in the special foods, cosmetics and disinfectants registered as medicines are aimed:

  • Medicinal cosmetics, together with cosmetic raw materials contain some active ingredients or their mixtures, which are used for the prevention and / or treatment of human skin and its appendages, the mucous membrane of the nose and the mouth, genitals, and the patient made in the form of creams, milks , oils, masks, balm, gel, powder, lotion, shampoo, lipstick, bath extracts, deodorant, toothpaste, elixir
  • Products that are used for combating pathogens or parasites that are intended to disinfect the skin and mucous membranes of patients or medical staff, or to kill insects, mites by application to human skin and its appendages (hair, eyelashes, nails, etc.).

Thus, before the registration of cosmetic products it is very important to do the correct classification of the product.

Description of the procedure:

1. Providing initial consultations on registration of cosmetic products;

2. After you decided to register products with our help, both parties sign a Confidentiality Agreement;

3. For determination of the cost for registration procedure you send us a registration dossier for the inner primary examination.

4. We conduct initial evaluation of registration dossier, define the scope of work and draw up a list of the missing documentation;

5. We inform you about the primary price and negotiate on terms of payment; if they are suitable for you – we start registration procedure after payment of service fee.

6. We translate the necessary parts of the dossier, including the certified translations;

7. We adopt the dossier in accordance with the law, prepare and co-ordinate the application;

8. Submit an application and dossier to the authorities of Ministry of Health of Ukraine;

9. Accompany the registration procedure during the examination;

10. We send you request for samples, receive them and carry out the customs clearance of the samples (for a separate fee);

11. We get the original conclusion of sanitary-epidemiological expertise;

12. We send you the original conclusions of the sanitary-epidemiological expertise.


Documents for registration of a cosmetic product