Required documents for registration of representative office

dokumenty-dlya-registraczii-predstavitelstv According to the order #179 (15.06.07) of Ministry of Economics for representative office registration following documents are required:

1) Written request of registration in free manner – should be made at the company’s blank and should be signed by the company’s head and stamped in free manner. The request should contain:

• Company name;

• Company address;

• Phone and fax numbers;

• City, where the representative office is being opened – add future address;

• If branch offices are to be found – list the cities of Ukraine;

• Number of foreign citizens, which will work for the representative office;

• Date the company was established in the native land;

• Bank and account;

• Field of company business;

• Purpose of opening and field of representative office activities (only representative functions), information about business relations with Ukrainian partners and outlooks for development of cooperation.

The request is submitted in original with a company head signature authorized by notary public.

2) Record from the trade register of the country, where officially registered headquarters of foreign economic entity is located. The record should be duly authorized by notary public.

3) Record from the bank, where the company’s account is opened – account number added.

Bank record is handed in original. Signature of bank clerk, who issued the record, must be authorized by notary public.

4) Power of Attorney (for particular entity) – for performance of representative functions on the territory of Ukraine, representative powers should be listed.

PoA is submitted in original, signature of the company head is authorized by notary public.

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