Registration of cosmetic products


Cosmetic products – any substance or preparation intended for direct application to the various parts of the human body or on the teeth and the mucous membrane of the mouth with the sole or main purpose of purification, providing a pleasant smell, changing their appearance and / or correcting body odors and / or protect or preserve in good condition.

Registration of bio-active supplements (BAS)


Biologically active substances and special food – products that are intended for food and manufactured in a special composition or in a special way and definitely differ from the usual food products, with specific direction for use. Direction of use must comply with the requirements and categories of people who will use these products, such as features of the digestive system, the special physiological conditions (for the body young and infants). In this case, these products can have a positive effect in the controlled use.

Registration of medical devices and equipment


Medical products – appliances, systems, equipment, apparatus, instruments, devices, implants, supplies, materials or other products, including invasive medical products, medical devices for the diagnosis in vitro, medical devices, do not reach the intended target in the main body of human or on it by pharmacological, immunological or metabolic means, but the function of which such products can help, medical devices, which are used either alone or in combination with each other, including the software necessary for its proper use, to ensure:

Registration of substances (APIs)


In accordance with the Ukrainian legislation all substances, imported to the custom territory of Ukraine, have to pass the state registration procedure. Registration certificate is valid for 5 years from the date of State Registration. After expiration date the registration certificate can be renewed.